Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 10/22 - 10/24

Happy Birthday Dave Ryan! We celebrated his birthday early on Wednesday since he was going to be gone for Chase's wedding. Go to his Instagram to see the ridiculous thing Falen and I got him, haha.

Friday night was Boo Cruise and we had a fabulous time! I dressed up as a mermaid and Andrew was a captain. Tina made my mermaid bra for a trip I took to New Orleans for Halloween a few years ago. She put so much effort into it so I wanted to use it again!

I hit up the dance floor towards the end of the night and got taken out by some drunk people. I flew face first to the ground and slammed my knees. They're pretty bruised up but I wasn't even mad about it because we were all just having a good time! It was great to hang out with everyone! So many great costumes, which made the Halloween costume contest very difficult to judge. Loved Sara's costume of Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents!

Saturday I had kickball playoffs. We did win the championship but it was tough! So many good teams in our league so we definitely had to work hard for it!

These are some of my friends I've made through the league! After we got done playing we stuck around watching the other league's games and played lots of drinking games!

Sunday we went to brunch with Andrew's parents at The Block. Afterwards, they came over to see our house for the first time!

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