The Most Stressful Age Is

The Most Stressful Age Is . . . 36

If you asked the average American what the most stressful age of their lives was, they'd probably say . . . however old they are right now. But there is an actual answer, according to research.

A new study found the average American feels the most stressed at 36.

They didn't explain how they got that number . . . so we're assuming it was just the average response from a poll.

But it makes sense: People are really drilling into "adulting" by that age with a mortgage, family, and career . . . and their 30s may be the decade they have the least amount of free time.

There's some good news though. Nearly two-thirds of people say they're better at managing stress than they were 10 years ago . . . although 18% of people say they feel stress "all the time."

People say "sleep problems" is the #1 thing that tips them off that they're stressed. Headaches are #2, followed by food cravings, high blood pressure, and brain fog. 

(Study Finds/SWNS)

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