Four Tricks to Save More Money

Saving money for things like retirement is important, sure. But it's way more exciting . . . and probably more motivating . . . to save money so you can buy something BIG and CRAZY in the much more immediate future.

Here are four tricks to save money without even noticing it so you can get that Lamborghini Countach or trip to Antarctica you've always wanted.

1. Deposit all of your coins into a savings account. When's the last time you used change? Probably when people were still arguing about "Lost" theories. So sweep your house, find every single coin, hit up Coinstar, and deposit it all.

2. One streaming service at a time. You have streaming services right now you haven't watched in at least a month. Plus all those choices make it hard to pick what to watch, right? Rotate in one streaming service a month and put away your savings.

3. Get a savings goal app. There are lots of really good savings goal apps out there to help you set a goal and work toward it. Plus some of them, like Stash and Qapital, will automatically invest your savings to help you hit your goal faster.

4. Get a cheaper cell phone plan. You really don't need to pay big money for cell phones anymore. Services like Visible and Mint Mobile work on the bigger brands' networks and give you all the same features for a fraction of the price.


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