A $24 'Illusion Dress' That Makes Your Waist Look Tiny

Remember "The Dress" that went viral in 2015, because some people saw black and blue, and others saw gold and white? Well, a different "optical illusion" dress is going viral now. But this illusion was intentional . . .

TikTok is currently obsessed with a $24 dress made by a company called Fashion Nova . . . because it makes you look THINNER than you actually are.

It's called the "Mind of My Own Maxi Dress." It's got black, white, and brown vertical stripes all over it, which tend to be thinning in general. But the real illusion has to do with a built-in belt that cinches at your waist.

Once you cinch it, the sides of the belt blend in with the dress, so you can't really tell it's there. And that makes your waist look smaller, almost like you're in a corset.

A woman on TikTok posted a video of herself in the dress last week. And when she pulls the belt tight, it looks like her waist shrinks by three inches.

It's already sold out on Fashion Nova's website, and women are asking them to get more in stock. The best you can do is sign up and be notified by email as soon as more arrive. (The sites Poshmark.com and Ultamodan.com still had some in stock last we checked.)

(NY Post)

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