A Study Found Six Different Types of Damage Social Media Does to Us

This is pretty interesting, especially on the heels of all that news about how Facebook has KNOWN its algorithms aren't good for people.

A study in Australia found 46 distinct ways social media is BAD for us. Everything from affecting our mental health, to security issues, and how it makes us less productive at work. And they split them up into six different categories . . .

1. Cost of social exchange. It's a catch-all for things like wasting time and energy on social media. And also psychological harm, like making us more jealous and anxious.

2. Annoying content. That includes anything that annoys, upsets, or irritates you. So basically, anything you didn't want or expect to see on there.

3. Privacy concerns. Meaning the REAL threat of your personal information being repurposed, or shared with third parties.

4. Security threats. That one's mostly about scammers, or other people who might lie or deceive you on social media.

5. Cyberbullying. That one's pretty straightforward. Anything that has to do with harassment, abuse, lying, stalking, or spreading rumors.

6. Low performance. Meaning it tends to distract us, and makes us less productive at work, or in school. 

(Study Finds)

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