Here Are the Four Things You Need to Do To Bring a Pet on The Plane

It's getting weirdly close to holiday travel season. And if you're one of the 23 million Americans who got a dog or cat during the pandemic, you might be thinking about taking them with you when you fly. Well . . . time to start prepping NOW.

Here are four things you need to prepare for bringing your pet on a plane . . .

1. Meet all of your airline's requirements. Every airline has different rules. Some limit the number of pets on a flight. Some require different paperwork. Some ban certain breeds of dogs. Check your airline's policy and check off all their boxes early.

2. Buy all of your supplies. There's a whole checklist of things you'll need for pet travel as a beginner: A carrier, bedding, food, a travel tag, and cleaning supplies are the big ones.

3. Figure out how you'll calm your pet down. You never know how an animal is going to react to being on a plane. Consider investing in calming aids like a calming vest, a calming collar, or even CBD to help them relax.

4. Set up transportation plans when you land. If you're used to hopping into a cab or an Uber when you land, you might not be able to with a pet . . . not every driver is cool with it. So figure out your ground transportation plans in advance to avoid trouble.

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