Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 10/1 - 10/3

Hey friends, long time no see.

I'm fully aware how horrible I've been at posting my weekend photos.

Friday 10/1 -

If you follow me on Instagram (@tinarange) you probably saw that I had a tough mental healthy day on Friday. What can I say? When it rains, it sometimes monsoons. Luckily I have pretty awesome friends & went to dinner & a movie with my friend, Tom. We saw Shang Chi, which was every bit as awesome as people said it was! Buncha Crunch as been missing from movie theaters all summer & I was PUMPED to see it was back, but something is very different. First, the box is small, which I'm ok with as long as they didn't decrease the product inside, but something was off on the taste too...

Saturday 10/2 -

I'm dog watching this weekend, so Saturday was mostly about chilling with the pup and Great British Bakeoff re-watch. It was also my friend Katie's 30th birthday party, but I forgot to take pictures because it's me.

Sunday 10/3 -

Sunday I bopped around some vintage shops with my friend, Harry. This is Time Bomb vintage, which was awesome! We also got some coffee and just talked about life. Quality stuff.

That was my weekend! I promise I'll get you 5 photos next weekend!

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