Actors You Didn't Realize Are Faking Their American Accent

It's getting hard to know who to trust anymore. Some actors are so good at faking an American accent, even their most loyal fans are fooled. Here are 10 people who are pulling the wool over your eyes:

1.KJ Apa from"Riverdale". He's from New Zealand.

2. Thomas Doherty from the new"Gossip Girl". He's Scottish.

3. Robert Sheehan,who plays Klaus on"Umbrella Academy". He's from Ireland.

4. Anthony Starr from"The Boys". He's from New Zealand.

5. Jesse Spencer from"Chicago Fire". He's Australian.

6. Kevin McKidd from"Grey's Anatomy". He's Scottish.

7. Katie McGrath, who plays Lena Luthor on"Supergirl". She's Irish.

8. Yvonne Strahovski from"The Handmaid's Tale". She's Australian.

9.Samara Weaving from"Nine Perfect Strangers". She's Australian.

10. Tom Holland from"Spider-Man". He's British.

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