Jenny's Yellowstone & Grant Tetons Vacation in LOTS of Pics!

Andrew and I planned a trip to Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons. We flew into Bozeman, MT and spent two nights there. First thing we did was grab brunch at Jam! and walked around Main Street. We went to "Peet's Hill" to catch a sunset and right after went to a restaurant/lounge called Plonk.

Our second day in Bozeman we stopped at a bakery called Wild Crumb that was amazing. Then we hiked up to Lava Lake.

After a couple days in Bozeman we made our way to Yellowstone. Before getting there we stopped at Chico Hot Springs which looks just like a pool in pictures but it's an open-air natural mineral hot springs pool and it felt amazing!

Then we headed to Yellowstone. First stop was to Mammoth Hot Springs. Very different than the hot springs above. These are not something you take a dip in nor would you want to, haha.

After, we made our way through Lamar Valley. We saw lots of animals along the way. We hit an elk road block and this bison road block.

We stayed in Cooke City that night then headed southeast to Cody, WY to see the Sunlight Basin.

At one spot we stopped to look at the views, there were tons of chipmunks and I had so much fun playing with them, haha. I'm assuming tourists feed them a ton because there were anywhere from 5-10 that came up to us at a time.

Once we got to Cody, WY, we headed back into Yellowstone on the East Entrance. We did the Natural Bridges hike. I don't love heights but this wasn't too bad.

After that we stopped at the Mud Volcano, Sulphur Caldron, and then the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. I've never seen anything like this before and thought it was so beautiful!

After that we went to the Steamboat Geyser and we got lucky because it just had a major eruption a couple hours prior so it was going crazy! Major eruptions have been recorded to happen as frequent as 4 days at a time or not for 50 years! So we were lucky to see this shortly after it had gone off. This is my favorite picture I got in Yellowstone with the clouds in the sky and the rainbow!

We stayed in West Yellowstone that night and got up early to hit up the more touristy parts of Yellowstone like the Grand Prismatic and Old Faithful before running off to the Grand Tetons.

Our first stop was to hike Taggart and Bradley Lake. One of the most beautiful hikes I've ever done with the Fall colors, clear lakes, and Tetons in the background.

We encountered a mom and baby moose about 20 feet off the trail on our way out. The mom made a warning noise at us so we grabbed some quick pics then went on our way to not disturb them. (If you can zoom in on this picture you can see the mom eyeing us up)

The next day we planned to hike up to Delta Lake. This is not a hike that is marked by the National Park because it isn't maintained and you have to hike up boulders to get to it. It's pretty hard so I would advise you to be very careful if you decide to do it, but man is it worth it once you get to the top! Look at that gorgeous blue color!

I guess we are those people that can't quit because after Delta Lake, we hiked up 3 more miles to Surprise Lake and Amphitheater Lake (pictured). Those trails ARE maintained by the park.

Our last full day there we went to Mormon Row to see all the historic barns, houses, and buildings. This is the T.A. Moulton Barn.

We drove around the Grand Tetons and hit up Jenny Lake (one of the most popular lakes there) so of course I had to get a picture with the sign.

We stayed at a VRBO condo in Wilson, WY just outside the Grand Tetons the last three nights. We were obsessed with this little nook. We'd drink coffee in it each morning.

And it's funny how things work sometimes. At 7:59am I took the photo of Andrew above because he looked so in his element. Then I climbed up to drink coffee with him and at 8:01am we looked out the window and see a mom and baby moose playing with a flower pot. And then at 8:03am a HUGE male moose walked right past us. Had we not gotten up and started drinking coffee right when we did we would have missed this!

We were around Jackson as well and I would highly recommend checking out Persephone (coffee shop/restaurant). There was one right by us in Wilson where we stayed but there's also one in Jackson. Great coffee and baked goods! We did dinner at El Abuelito and it was good Mexican food. We also got a recommendation by a local to check out Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co for great jerky and it was awesome! It was a great trip! If you're able to do it, I would highly recommend seeing Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons during the fall. A lot less people there and the changing colors were beautiful!

Excited to be back on the show tomorrow. Make sure you listen for "Did it happen on Jenny's vacation or not?" tomorrow because I have some great stories to share of funny, gross, and scary things that happened on our trip!

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