The Top 10 Little Ways We Save Money

Do you have any little tricks for saving money? Someone did a poll and found the average person estimates that their small money-saving hacks save them a total of $578 a year. 

Here are the ten most common things people said they do . . .

1. Making sure you turn lights off to save on electricity.

2. Putting on a sweater instead of turning up the heat.

3. Using coupons and discount codes.

4. Comparing prices online.

5. Saving on gas by walking or riding a bike.

6. Packing your lunch.

7. Shopping around for utilities, like changing your internet provider to get a deal.

8. Looking for buy-one-get-one deals at the store.

9. Buying things used or refurbished.

10. Skipping a gym membership and working out on your own. 

A few more that made the list: Buying stuff in bulk, cutting your own hair, and growing your own fruits and vegetables.


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