Man Stabbed Someone Because His McDonald's Coffee Was Too Sweet

A man stabbed someone at a McDonald's in New York City on Tuesday morning, because the coffee he got was too sweet. (???)

The guy was complaining to a security guard about the sweetness, when another customer stepped in and told the guy to cool it.

The two customers started brawling . . . it spilled out onto the street . . . and the coffee guy whipped out a knife and stabbed the other customer. Fortunately, it was a "minor injury." The guy with the knife ran off, and still hasn't been caught.

And that wasn't the only issue involving a weapon at a fast food joint this week.

Last Saturday, a woman was waiting in line at a Chipotle in Philadelphia when the store shut down its registers because it was understaffed. The remaining customers were told they'd have to place their orders through the app.

Well, the lady wasn't having that. She pulled out a gun, and said that if they didn't make her food, there'd "be a problem." The employees went ahead and made her burrito. She left after getting her order, and the police are still looking for her. It's unclear whether she paid for it.

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