Millionaires Are Worried About Leaving "Too Much" Money to Their Kids

Americans have a LOT on their plate right now. There's the pandemic . . . the natural disasters seemingly everywhere . . . education . . . jobs . . . the endless"Jeopardy!"hosting drama. It's been rough.

But there's one issue that gets overlooked: RICH KIDS' INHERITANCES.

In a new survey, 67% of millionaires say they're worried about leaving "too much" money to their kids. They don't want them blowing the money . . . and having the size and profile of the estate NEGATIVELY affect them.

They also don't want to make them LAZY . . . and they think that there could be better uses for the money, like charities.

Still, one-third of millionaires plan to leave at least half of their assets to an heir . . . while two-thirds say they plan on leaving at least part of their estate to charity.

And check this stat: The wealthiest 1% of Americans receive inheritances worth an average of $719,000, while the bottom 50% get an average of $9,700. 

(The Motley Fool)

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