Due to Bus Driver Shortage, a School Hired a Party Bus With Stripper Poles

There's a nationwide shortage of school bus drivers due to the pandemic. Many drivers were older and underpaid . . . so when COVID-19 hit, they decided it wasn't worth the risk and retired. And THIS is how bad things are:

A teacher in Boston said that his school had to hire a party bus . . . WITH STRIPPER POLES . . . to transport kids on a field trip. (Here's a photo.)

Jim Mayers teaches high school English, and he said a student even asked him if they were REAL stripper poles, because they hadn't seen one before. (!!!)

How did this happen? Jim said the school didn't have a driver, so they made arrangements with a charter bus. But that fell through mid-week, and they'd promised the kids a fun day, so they made it work with the party bus.

His comments started trending on Twitter, so he used his 15 minutes of fame to encourage people to call their local elected officials and demand "massive structural investments for the education system . . . including paying all bus drivers, facilities, and operations staff a competitive salary, with comprehensive benefits." 

He added, "Whatever you think is enough, double it."

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