Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 9/17 -9/19

Friday I closed on my very first house! I had been looking for months and losing on offers left and right and finally had one accepted and I'm so happy!

I didn't hire movers so I moved the majority of my stuff on my own. This was the first thing I took out of my car at the new place and the box came open and spilled ornaments everywhere. Outside of that, the move went very smooth!

The next adventure was attempting to get a king bed frame up the half-story. We bought it a few weeks ago and already knew it probably wasn't going to fit because it wouldn't fit into my apartment but we had to try just to make sure. We tried all the different angles and still nope! It's unfortunately too tall and long so we'll be selling it and looking for a new one! Sidenote: Andrew moved in with me.

We had ordered a king mattress that was supposed to be shipped on Sunday. It arrived and we were like, well, will this fit? Luckily someone on Instagram gave me a recommendation to burrito it with ratchet straps so that's what we did and we got it up! Thanks for the tip Steve!

And Sunday we took a short break from all the moving and unpacking to celebrate Andrew's dad's birthday at Top Golf!

Exhausting weekend but totally worth it! Hope you had a good weekend!

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