Top 5 Undeniable Signs You're Getting Old

TA new poll finds that most people start feeling like an adult at age 25. But age isn't the only indicator you're turning into a blue hair, as you'll see with today's list of the . . .Top 5 Undeniable Signs You're Getting Old.

You buy a shirt for the pocket.

You think the next"Jeopardy" host should be Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

You stop in a parking lot to admire a Subaru.

Lester Holt's voice reminds you that it's almost dinner time.

You recently started a rant with "As a taxpayer . . . "

You kept a houseplant alive for more than a week.

Whenever someone mentions "crypto," you tilt your head like a dog hearing a strange sound.

You don't mind spending a Saturday afternoon at Costco.

You remember when Clint Eastwood only sort of looked like tree bark.

That song playing at CVS? You remember dancing to it in high school.

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