Here Are the Best Jobs for Lazy People

Sorry if you have one of these jobs and DON'T consider yourself lazy. But you might have it made. Someone posted a list of the best jobs for lazy people . . .

1. TV or Film Critic. It's a hard job to get. But once you have it, you're just watching movies in your PJs all day.

2. House Sitter. If you're trustworthy, people pay good money for you to take care of their house when they're away. A little cleaning, and then sipping Mai Tai's by the pool. 

3. Mystery Shopper. All you have to do is shop at stores that you already go to.

4. Test Proctor, or someone who monitors people while they take tests. All you have to do is sit at a desk and look stern.

5. Sommelier. Once you pass the test and get your first gig, you pretty much just talk about wine all day. And you get paid to drink it.

6. Video Game Tester. Getting paid to sit on the couch and play games all day.

7. Polysomnographic Technologist or "sleep tech." Again, it takes time to get your license. But once you do, you get paid to watch people sleep.

8. Security Guard. But only if it's at a place that no one would ever want to rob. 


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