The Best Things from the '90s Include:

You know the '90s are trending when a stat like this exists: 37% of people in a new poll said it was the BEST decade to be alive. 

Three in five adults feel nostalgic about the 1990s. A third of Gen Z'ers now think '90s fashion and culture seemed fun. And 14% of people who lived through the '90s still wear at least one piece of clothing from back then.

People were asked to name the BEST things about the '90s, and the show "Friends" took the top spot. Here are the highlights . . .

1. Other TV shows also made the top 50: "The Simpsons". . ."Fresh Prince of Bel Air". . ."Saved by the Bell". . ."Baywatch". . ."Buffy the Vampire Slayer". . ."Sabrina the Teenage Witch". . ."Dawson's Creek". . . and"Power Rangers".

2. A few movies made the list: "Titanic". . ."Romeo & Juliet". . ."10 Things I Hate About You". . ."Clueless". . . and"Space Jam".

3. A few music groups ranked high: The Spice Girls. . .Britney Spears. . .Backstreet Boys. . .'N Sync. . .Destiny's Child. . . and New Kids on the Block even though they started in the '80s.

4. And several products made the list: VHS tapes . . . Nokia cell phones . . . Game Boys . . . Tamagotchis . . . Beanie Babies . . . Polly Pocket . . . and Pogs. 


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