Jenny's Labor Day Weekend in Five Pics (Plus a few extra)

I was off last Thursday and Friday so I have some extra things to share on this blog! I started my vacation by heading to the fair Wednesday night. I hung out with my friends Tiff and Tony for a little bit and we recreated the picture of myself, Falen and Dave with the two of them, haha!

I had tickets to Tim McGraw at the Grandstand with a bunch of old Bubba Gumps co-workers. We had a great time but I drank a little bit too much and have a funny story of something I did after the concert that I'll share on the radio tomorrow.

I met Katie who listens to the show while I was grabbing my 3rd (*8th) beer of the night!

I close on my house next week and am going through all my stuff to donate what I don't need or use anymore. I was decluttering my bathroom cabinets and found this pregnancy test. I have never purchased a pregnancy test so it really is a mystery to me as to how I have this. I can only think that maybe it was a previous roommates and they left it behind and I thought, "hmmmm doesn't hurt to have a pregnancy test just in case" and that's how I ended up with it.

Saturday Andrew and I wanted to get outside and be active so we went to kick a soccer ball around.

Sunday I was back at the fair for work. It was an honor to sign this shirt that had a bunch of KDWB DJ's on it since 2007! I had to ask Dave who the top left corner signature was because we weren't sure and he said he was an old nighttime DJ named Scotty Davis. I didn't live here until 2008 so I'm not sure that I had ever heard him on KDWB.

My younger sister, Katie, and her boyfriend Austin came to visit from Wisconsin. They bopped around the fair while I worked and then we hung out afterwards eating, drinking, and showing them how awesome the MN State Fair is!

It was super busy Sunday and the Midway was packed at night so we got tickets to go on one ride and that was it. I forget what it's called, it's sort of similar to the Tilt-A-Whirl but much more aggressive!

Was a nice little break to re-charge and now I'm ready to get back at it with Dave, Falen, and Tina!

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