Jenny's Summer Essay

Summer always comes and goes so fast but this summer was one for the record books.

It all started with my over-the-top Burning Man birthday party. From the DJ, to the games, to the Instagram wall, the party went exactly how I had planned. What I didn’t expect was the amount of people that showed up to celebrate mine and my girlfriend’s birthdays. It was great to see my party come to fruition but the part that made me happy was seeing everyone dress up in their best Burning Man apparel, taking jello shots with Dave and Susan, and dancing the night away with friends I hadn’t seen in over a year.

The next summer highlight was going to the drive-in movie theater with my boyfriend Andrew. You may be thinking, Jenny, going to the movies is a highlight of your summer? The answer is yes because we make a whole ordeal out of it. Andrew cooks ramen over a camping stove, I bring fresh baked cookies, we make a bed out pillows in the back of my car and at one point we get into an argument about something he was responsible for bringing but forgot. This year it was utensils to eat the ramen. But forgotten items aside, it’s the company and outdoor atmosphere that make me think, wow THIS is what Danny and Sandy sing about in Summer Nights.

While those summer highlights were great there is one that hands down, takes the cake and that’s FINALLY, getting an offer accepted on a house. If anyone thinks dating is hard, try buying a house in this market, that’s a WHOLE different feeling of rejection, week after week. But I kept at it and finally landed my dream home bringing Summer 2021 to an amazing end.

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