Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 8/27 - 8/29

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday 8/27 -

Friday afternoon I went to get a lash lift with my girl Amanda at PHSYX. Amanda recently got a new puppy named Gus & brought him in so I could meet him. He is so tiny & perfect!!

My friend Emily had her last day at her old job before starting her brand new one, so we went to celebrate her the best way we know how - Rojo happy hour. Amen.

Saturday 8/28 -

It was so great to be back at the Fair & it was incredible getting to meet so many of you!!

Sunday 8/29 -

Sunday started with lunch at Cardamom, the new restaurant in The Walker. I'm looking at my drink like I'm in love with it because I am.

Next, we went to the Van Gogh exhibit! It was so cool!! It's a 35 minute show, but you can stay for as long as you'd like. If you can get tickets, I would definitely recommend checking it out!!

Our old night girl (& my bestie) Raven is in town visiting!! After the art exhibit we went to Psycho Suzi's! This was actually my first time ever going to Psycho Suzi's (I know, I know..) I have no idea why it's taken me this long to get there & I'm pretty sure I'm the last person in the Twin Cities to try it, but I had a great time & would love to go back again!

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