Five Signs You're Underpaid

A lot of people haven't asked for a raise during the pandemic, because they assume their company is struggling. But here are five signs you might be underpaid . . .

1. Your salary is lower than the online average. Sites like can give you an idea of what people with similar jobs in your area are making.

2. Your job duties have changed, but your pay hasn't. Some bosses try to be sneaky and give you more responsibility without compensating you for it.

3. Your benefits suck. A more modest salary might be okay, but only if you're getting great health insurance, a ton of time off, or things like 401K matching.

4. You haven't gotten a raise in years. Unfortunately, you might have to ASK for one. A lot of employers won't even give cost-of-living raises until you force the issue.

5. The company you work for has gotten bigger, but your salary has stayed the same. If the company is growing, your paycheck should grow too. Especially if you've been there for years. 


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