Can You Help Tiny Dino Buds?

Today Kelly is joining the show to talk about her organization. We had never heard of it, but we love all animals. I asked Kelly what they need, and she said monetary donations and kid volunteers!

Tiny Dino Buds is a registered Non-Profit Bearded Dragon Rescue specializing in rehabilitation and education. Most of our rescues come to us extremely sick, often after vets have suggested they be put down. We work with those animals until they are healthy enough to find their forever homes. Although we do adopt some of our dragons out to individuals, the majority are adopted out as therapy animals for schools and children with disabilities specializing in Autism. Tiny Dino Buds has so many volunteer opportunities, from toddlers on up, volunteering from home , and volunteering in person. Those hours will help them on their first job application or college applications. We host free educational classes for kids and adults in the community either in private homes, at community centers, and schools. My goal is to show the world how truly special bearded dragons really are and that they can change so many peoples lives with time and effort.

+1 (612) 712-7249

This is our giving fuel nonprofit tax number people can text any amount and it will send them directly to our page and they can choose to be a one time or monthly contributor and then they get their tax deductible everything at the end of the year

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