Six Classes All College Students Should Take, Regardless of Their Major

Here's some good info for college students, or parents of college students. Someone asked a bunch of experts to name courses that ALL students should take, no matter what their major is.

The idea is they cover broad skills that are valuable in general. Here are the classes they say to take . . .

1. Intro to programming, or coding. Even if you're not majoring in computer science, it's good to know the basics in case you need to work with programmers in the future. It's a more important skillset than ever.

2. Marketing or branding. The fundamentals are important even if you're just promoting yourself, like when you start looking for jobs.

3. Graphic design. Knowing how to use things like Photoshop can give you an edge in lots of different jobs, even if it's not part of your main skillset.

4. Intro to statistics. The world is more stat-based than ever, so it's a good thing to have a basic knowledge of.

5. English. Getting better at writing and communication is important no matter the job.

6. Personal finance. A poll last week found most people think it should be taught in high school now. Until then, a lot of colleges already offer courses in it. 

(NY Post)

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