The Designs We're Googling For Tattoos in 2021

People get tattoos for lots of reasons. But if you're just trying to be as unique as possible, maybe DON'T go with one of these . . .

Google Trends put out a list of the top tattoo designs we've been googling this year. And a few classics made the list. But there are also a few surprises . . .

1. Butterflies. They've been popular for a long time, and lots of celebrities have them.

2. Semicolons. They're a suicide awareness thing.

3. Sunflowers. Vanessa Hudgens got one last year.

4. Roses. So flowers in general are still really popular.

5. Skeleton hands.

6. Koi fish tattoos.

7. Snakes.

8. Medusa. So another snake-related one.

9. Lotus flowers.

10. Cross tattoos. 

(Google Trends)

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