Does This Hack to Clean Dirty Pans Actually Work?

We've got another life hack from TikTok. But does it really work?

The bottoms of old pots and pans tend to look burned and grimy after a while. And it's supposed to make them look new again, with almost no scrubbing involved.

Just sprinkle some salt and baking soda on there. Then add dish soap, and scrub it just a little bit with steel wool to mix everything together.

Then you cover it up with some paper towels . . . pour white vinegar on until they're soaked . . . and wait a little bit.

If it works, you should be able to rinse everything off, and the bottoms of your pans will look new again. But not everyone's had success.

Some people who tried it say it didn't work. But another guy on TikTok who tests stuff like this claims it DOES. He followed the instructions and says it came out 99% perfect.

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