The "Job" You'd Have Based on the Month You Were Born

The jobs website posted a list of the careers you're more likely to gravitate toward depending on the month you were born. And it's all backed by stats. But some of these things aren't really "jobs," are they? Here what it says . . .

January: Debt collectors and doctors.

February: Artists and traffic cops.

March: Pilots and musicians.

April: Dictators. Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Vladimir Lenin were all April babies. (Falen)

May: Politicians. (Jenny & Tina)

June: CEOs and Nobel Prize winners. Those might be the best ones on the list.

July: Bricklayers and train drivers.

August: Bricklayers again. (So if you've had a baby in the last few weeks, they're gonna lay brick someday.)

September: Athletes and physicists.

October: Not a job, but you're more likely to live to be 100 years old. (Dave)

November: Serial killers and schizophrenics. Again, not jobs.

December: Dentists. 


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