Is This Marriage Advice Good or Bad?

Someone asked people to share their unpopular opinions about marriage that most people probably don't agree with. Do you think each of these are GOOD or BAD advice for people getting marred?

1. "Plan for divorce before you tie the knot." They say prenups should be a standard thing everyone gets. And don't just think about whether you want kids with them. Also ask yourself if they're someone you could co-parent with if you split up.

2. "Married couples should have separate bank accounts . . . and separate HOMES." Isn't that what DATING is?

3. "Family shouldn't be too involved in a marriage." Even if they mean well, it's not always good for a relationship. But it's hard to prevent, so good luck with that.

4. "Soulmates aren't really a thing." There isn't ONE person you're meant to be with, so don't put that pressure on yourselves.

5. "No one should propose out of the blue." You should discuss it first, so no one gets disappointed or embarrassed. 


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