Five Questions We're Googling About the Olympics

Americans have been googling lots of stuff about the Olympics this week. Here are five of the most common questions, according to Google Trends . . .

1. "Why do divers shower after each dive?" It's not to wash the chlorine off, it's to prevent injuries. The pool is cold and can make you cramp up. So that's why they take a warm shower or sit in a hot tub between dives.

2. "Why does one volleyball player have a different colored jersey?" They're the only player who can sub in and replace another player in the back row. They're usually better at defense, so things like passing the ball and receiving serves.

3. "Why is Russia called R.O.C.?" Because Russia got banned for doping. So all of their athletes are competing under the name "Russian Olympic Committee."

4. "Why isn't LeBron James in the Olympics?" He had some injuries this year, so he decided to opt out.

5. "How deep is an Olympic pool" and "How deep is a diving pool?" The swimming pools in Tokyo are almost 10 feet deep. Diving pools are 10 to 16 feet depending on the event. The high dive uses the deepest part. 

(Google Trends)

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