If Your Bathing Suit Has Pineapples on It, People Might Think You Swing

Does your bathing suit happen to have pineapples on it? If so, you might want to get a new one . . . or not.

Some woman on TikTok bought a bikini with little pineapple designs. She also got pineapple swim trunks for her husband, because she thought it would be cute to match on vacation. And they didn't get why several people were being SO nice to them.

Then she found out that pineapples on your swimsuit means you're a SWINGER who's looking to hook up. It also applies to shirts, pants, and any other clothing with pineapple designs, especially if you're on vacation or on acruise. Now you know. 

(Here's a photo of them in their pineapple gear.)

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