The Dumbest Things Doctors Have Heard from Patients

Who do you trust more? Your doctor . . . or whatever Google spits out when you type, "My toe hurts. Am I DYING?" Someone on Reddit asked doctors to name the dumbest things they've heard from patients who decided to be their OWN doctor. Here are a few highlights . . .

1. A guy showed up to the E.R. with a minor cut, and there was red powder all over his hand. It turned out he put paprika on it to "stop the bleeding."

2. A lady called her doctor to ask if her hemorrhoid cream would still work on vacation . . . because she read you're only supposed to apply it "locally."

3. Someone had a cut that was seriously infected. It turned out they'd rubbed dirt in it, because they heard it would stimulate their immune response.

4. A doctor mentioned that his back was hurting . . . and the person he was talking to immediately diagnosed HIM with "spine cancer." They were wrong.

5. (Careful) A woman read that drinking your own PEE was a good idea . . . then ONLY drank that, and ended up in the hospital with kidney issues.

6. A baby had really bad diaper rash, because the mom had been pouring water into new diapers before putting them on. She said she thought you were supposed to . . . because diaper ads always show people pouring liquids in them. 


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