Florida Man Was Arrested for Fighting an Alligator to 'Teach It a Lesson'

Remember in "Happy Gilmore", when he fights the alligator? Well, this might be the closest thing you'll see to it in real life . . .

There's a mini golf course in Daytona Beach, Florida called Congo River that also has alligators you can feed. And yesterday morning, some guy STOLE one.

Just after 3:00 A.M., police spotted a man FIGHTING an alligator on the street. And it turned out he'd stolen it from the course.

He's 32, and his name is William Hodge, but he goes by Bubba. Police posted a photo of him being handcuffed, and the alligator looks fairly small. Maybe four or five feet long. (Here's the photo.)

According to the police report, cops saw him swinging it around by its tail and trying to toss it on the roof of a building. So they arrested him. And when they asked why he was doing it . . . he said he was trying to teach the alligator a "lesson." (???)

He also told them he jumped a fence into its enclosure, and had to wrestle the gator for a while. But it sounds like it's okay and back home now.

Bubba's facing charges for theft, burglary, criminal mischief, and animal cruelty. 

(The Smoking Gun)

(Here's his mugshot.)

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