MTV Bringing Back "MTV Cribs"

Watching rich people brag about all their stuff is in again, I guess, because MTV is bringing back"Cribs"on August 11th.

And the new season already has a massive lineup that includes Martha Stewart, Snooki,Ryan Lochte, Rick Ross, Tinashe,Big Sean, JoJo Siwa, Kathy Griffin, Scott Disick, and Ashlee Simpson..

"MTV Cribs" originally debuted more than 20 years ago. In the original run, there were 113 episodes over 19 seasons.

MTV says, quote, "'Cribs' didn't simply introduce the celeb-reality genre; it created a blueprint for how we engage on social media. We are thrilled to usher in a new era of this iconic franchise for audiences around the world."

(New York Post)

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