You Can Apply for Jobs on TikTok with "TikTok Résumés"

You can't yell at your kids for wasting time on TikTok anymore. They might be on there doing CAREER research . . .

TikTok is testing a new service called "TikTok Résumés" that lets you apply for JOBS directly on TikTok. So . . . kind of like if LinkedIn was made specifically for Gen Zers.

They're testing it out for the rest of July. Anyone in the U.S. can search their job listings and apply at But it's kind of geared toward young people.

You have to create a video résumé and post it on TikTok. And they're not looking for boring videos where you just list your experience and skills.

They want people to get creative . . . use filters and effects . . . and "let your personality shine through" as much as possible. So it seems like TikTok addicts should have a competitive advantage.

They don't have a ton of job listings yet. New York and L.A. have over 30 openings, while most other cities only have one or two. But some of them look like solid jobs . . . everything from entry-level stuff to jobs that require 10 years of experience.

They also got some pretty big brands to help test it. Some of the companies accepting résumés on TikTok this month include Shopify, Target, Chipotle, NASCAR, Forever 21, and the Detroit Pistons. 

(The Verge/TikTok)

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