Fictional Characters That Were Originally Meant to Die

You might be sad (and surprised) to learn that some of your favorite fictional characters in movies and TV shows were ORIGINALLY meant to die. Here is a list . . .

1. Poe Dameron in "Star Wars". . . He was originally supposed to die in the opening scene in "Force Awakens" but Oscar Isaac asked J.J. Abrams to change it.

2. Eleven in"Stranger Things". . . The Duffer Brothers thought the series would only be one season so Eleven was going to originally sacrifice herself to save the world.

3. Meredith Palmer in "The Office". . .Remember when Michael Scott hit her with his car? They thought about making it FATAL.

4. Ron Weasley in "Harry Potter". . .J.K. Rowling considered killing him off halfway through writing the series.

5. Steve Harrington in "Stranger Things". . . The Duffer Brothers were originally going to kill him off in season one, but Joe Keery's performance changed their minds.

6. Happy Hogan in "Iron Man 3". . . In the storyboard, he was intended to die in a massive explosion.

7. Kenny McCormick in "South Park". . . His death in season five was intended to be permanent, but he was missed too much so he reappeared at the end of season six.

8. Castiel in "Supernatural". . .Misha Collins was originally hired for only a few episodes, but his character became popular.

9. Matilda in "Matilda". . . Early drafts of the Roald Dahl book showed he meant to kill her off at the end.

10. Jesse Pinkman in"Breaking Bad". . . He was originally supposed to be murdered by a drug dealer in season one.

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