The 5 Most Common Parenting Rules Today Vs 30 Years Ago

Are you a more laid-back parent than your own parents were? Someone talked to 1,000 people with kids under 16, and 1,000 parents with children over 30. Here are the top five old-school parenting rules we USED to enforce . . .

1. Respect your elders.

2. You don't always get everything you want.

3. Kids have to do chores.

4. You have to sit down and eat together as a family.

5. You have to behave, especially in public.

Now here are the five most common parenting techniques today . . .

1. Positive reinforcement instead of punishing them for bad stuff.

2. Giving them room to learn from their mistakes.

3. Giving them space to be playful and silly. 73% of parents today say they try to be more playful than strict.

4. Doing your best to connect with them. That's compared to just 37% of older parents who said they tried to be "friends" with their kids.

5. Helping them identify their feelings and process them. 


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