What Are Your Fourth of July Plans? Here's What Americans Are Doing

22% of Americans feel like this Fourth of July is the first time they get to have a "normal" celebration since the pandemic started. Got any plans?

Someone polled 1,500 people and asked what they're doing this weekend. Here's what we've got planned.

1. 36% of us plan to spend a big part of our weekend relaxing at home. That's down from 41% last year when more people were worried about Covid.

2. 29% will go to a barbecue or picnic. That's up from 25% a year ago.

3. 29% will also get together with family, up five points from last year.

4. Only 9% of us will go somewhere to see fireworks. And 9% will also be setting off their own fireworks. 

5. 8% will go see a parade, or some other local event.

6. 5% of Americans are going to the beach this weekend.

7. 4% of us have a round of golf planned.

8. 3% will go camping or hiking.

9. 3% will go fishing.

10. And some of us have less-exciting plans: 26% will watch TV . . . 12% will do yard work . . . 16% have chores to take care of . . . and 14% might do something, but don't have plans yet. 

(YouGov/PR Newswire)

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