A Man Visits the Midwest for the First Time and Is Shocked

A guy named Frank Olito grew up on Long Island, lives in Brooklyn now, and writes for the site Insider.com. So he's a city boy. And he did an article for Insider's travel section last week after visiting the MIDWEST for the first time. (Specifically, Chicago and Detroit.)

He listed a few astute observations . . . things anyone who HAS been to the Midwest already knows. Here are a few of the SHOCKING revelations he had . . .

1. Things move at a slightly slower pace. Restaurants and trains included.

2. People are almost too nice. It confused him at first, then made him uncomfortable.

3. It gets hot in the Midwest in June. That surprised him, because he always thought it topped out around 70 degrees. But it was over 90 his whole trip.

4. Things don't cost as much. He was expecting $15 cocktails and $50 dinners. So he felt like he could cut loose.

5. Midwesterners spend more time in nature. He heard talk of cabins and hikes. He also found people appreciate large bodies of water more than New Yorkers.

6. It's harder to get an Uber. He says it's five minutes in New York, but 10 to 20 in Chicago and Detroit. So he had to plan ahead. 


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