Two "Revenge on an Ex" Stories Are Trending . . . Which 1 Is More Brutal?

Have you ever gotten revenge on an EX? Two women's stories are trending right now, and they both did it YEARS later. Which one of these is better, or more brutal?

A woman in England named Meg Finola got on Twitter after her ex liked her on a dating app four years after he GHOSTED her and just disappeared. So she liked him back . . . and then sent him a message that said she has a FOUR-YEAR-OLD KID he might want to meet.

Just to be clear, she DOESN'T have a kid. We don't know if he responded to it, or just ghosted her again.

But this one might be even more diabolical: A woman on TikTok split up with her boyfriend in 2016. And for five years, she's been getting back at him by flooding his email with SPAM.

Every time a website or app requires an email address to get through a paywall, she uses HIS email. So he just gets more and more newsletters and alerts that he didn't sign up for. And he has no idea why.

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