Every Unrealistic Thing We See All the Time in Movies

Reddit users made a list of all the unrealistic things you see a little TOO often in movies. How many times have YOU seen these things happen?

1. NO ONE has to wait for anything . . . not a taxi . . . coffee . . . or even a phone call.

2. Lack of paperwork in police movies.

3. Being able to hear right after gunshots.

4. ALWAYS finding a parking place.

5. Women ALWAYS having perfect makeup and hair.

6. Being able to up and leave for a trip without any planning.

7. Someone who is bedridden for months is able to get up quickly and walk.

8. Having time for full-on breakfasts before work or school.

9. Never setting a time for things . . . yet the characters somehow still know when to meet up.

10. The villain wastingtime instead of killing the main character right away.

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