Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 6/4 - 6/6

This weekend was my Burning Man birthday party we've been talking about on the show. I spent all of Friday getting ready for it and had a couple mishaps. I had just finished making Jello shots and was in the middle of baking cookies when my power went out. The maintenance guy had to come check it out and once he got it running again, my oven had broke. The cookies that were baking turned out awful and the rest stayed as dough.

I spent a little too long trying to pick out an outfit for the party since it ended up being SO warm and we were doing a backyard party and decided to go with the "Mad Max" look.

We had a TON of people come and as soon as Dave and Susan got there I got a crew together to do Jello shots!

We played lots of drinking games!

The party went on until about midnight. Highly recommend having a Burning Man party with your friends!

I spent Sunday in recovery mode and looked at a few houses. Put in an offer on one of them and haven't heard yet if I got it. Hope you survived the heat!

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