What Are the Top Benefits of Living in a Big City or a Small Town?

What's better, living in a big city or a small town? Someone took a stab at ranking the TOP benefits of each option. See if you agree.

Let's start with the five best things about big city living . . .

1. More job opportunities.

2. Better public transportation.

3. Better access to the arts, and things like museums.

4. More stores.

5. More housing options. A few more that made the list are more restaurants and bars . . . more diversity . . . and better internet speeds.

Now here are the top five benefits of living in a small town . . .

1. Cleaner air and less pollution.

2. Homes are a lot cheaper.

3. More peace and quiet in general.

4. The pace of life is a lot slower.

5. Less crime. A few others from the small town list are more close-knit communities . . . better access to nature . . . and parking is never a problem. 

(PR Newswire)

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