Are You Evil? QUIZ

Take this quiz to see how evil you are!

1. You look at nudie pics online.

2. You've kissed someone you shouldn't have been kissing.

3. You've done or do illegal drugs.

4. You've spit in someone's drink.

5. You tell racist or sexist jokes.

6. You've done the walk of shame.

7. You've made fun of a mentally challenged person.

8. You hate kids.

9. You've been arrested.

10. You would choose your life over the lives of 100,000 strangers.

11. You would kill for a million dollars if you were guaranteed not to get caught.

12. You think giving to the homeless is a waste of money.

13. You aren't bothered by seeing others in pain.

14. You enjoy very violent video games.

15. You would keep a wallet full of cash if it came your way.

16. You've shot a gun . . . and liked it.

17. You've been so drunk you don't remember the night before.

18. You've blamed a fart on someone else.

19. You've said something so mean you made someone cry.

20. You've turned people against someone.

21. You've corrupted a minor.

22. You don't believe in God.

23. You believe in "Eye for an Eye".

If you answered YES to . . .

--1-4 statements . . . You are a wonderful person. You could possibly qualify for sainthood.

--5-9 . . . A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.

--10-14 . . . You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.

--15-19 . . . You are very evil. And you couldn't care less.

--20-23 . . . You're the most evil person you know.

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