Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 5/21 - 5/23

I started my weekend by getting a halo laser treatment done to my face. You have to have some down time with this kind of treatment and I couldn't be outside in the sun at all, so I basically hibernated in my apartment with Andrew all weekend. So, this will be one of my more boring "weekend in five pics" blogs. The treatment took a lot out of me and I was passed out by 10pm Friday night. Saturday, Andrew and I hung out on my deck but I wore a big sunhat to block my face from being exposed to the sun. The pizza on the table was his lunch and mine was that super fun green smoothie.

I can't stay holed up all day so we did venture out to Menards because I needed some things for a project. I wore the sunhat to Menards and stood out like a sore thumb, haha.

The project is going to look something like this hanging above the couch!

I couldn't workout for 48 hours after my laser treatment and once that was up, I went to Lifetime to crush a harder workout than I would normally do on a Sunday. My face is puffy and red from the treatment so this has an Instagram filter on it, but you can still see the puffiness a bit.

And this was my dinner. Brown rice, cauliflower, and shrimp. I did a honey garlic recipe for the shrimp and it was really good! If you want to try it click here.

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