Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 5/14 - 5/16

I started the weekend off doing something that felt like I was disobeying the rules, working out at the gym without a mask on! Lifetime does allow you to workout without one if you so choose and I was so happy to be able to heavily breath after sled pushes into the open air (I am vaccinated).

I looked at a bunch of houses on Friday and loved one so much we went back and looked at it again a couple hours later and I just knew it was the one. Andrew and I went to hammock, I brought my computer and poured my heart into a buyer letter to put with my offer. I found out Sunday morning I didn't get the house and was so bummed I almost cried. I did offer quite a bit over list but there were tons of offers on it and mine wasn't the best unfortunately.

Saturday, Tina and I hosted our first event in FOREVER! We hung out at Aveda for their enrollment event and had a wonderful time learning about everything Aveda has to offer.

Then Sunday, Andrew planned a fun day for us. A 40 mile bike ride! You might think that sounds awful but I've loved biking my whole life and usually bike pretty long distances when I go. We started in Cannon Falls at the "Cannon Valley Trailhead" and went to Red Wing. We stopped in Red Wing for food and then biked back! The path was one of my favorites I've ever done so I would highly recommend it if you're into biking!

There was a house right off the bike path with a couple horses so I went to say hi. It seems like they get a lot of visitors cause they came right up to the fence and I stuck my hand out to see if one of them would allow me to pet him and he was all for it!

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