What Parts of Life Are Never Going to Go "Back to Normal"?

No matter how "normal" life gets again after the pandemic, some things are just going to be different forever. You can't go through something like this and have NOTHING change.

There's a discussion on Reddit right now where people are answering the question: What will never be the same again once the pandemic is over? Here are some of the top answers . . .

1. Sitting in a doctor's office waiting room when you're sick.

2. Dragging yourself to work when you're sick.

3. Shopping for groceries in person.

4. Eating at buffets.

5. Snow days.

6. Boundaries between work or school and home.

7. Commuting every single day.

8. Quote, "The blissful ignorance of sticking my fingers in a random bowling ball, then proceeding to eat food without a care in the world." 


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