Mark Wahlberg Eats 7,000 Calories a Day

For an upcoming movie called "Stu",MARK WAHLBERG has gained 20 pounds in three weeks, and he's trying to pack on another 10. How's he doing it?

He enlisted the help of a personal chef named Lawrence Duran, who's feeding him 7,000 calories a day. That's three times more than the average American eats. But Lawrence would like you to know that he's not stuffing Mark's face with junk.

They've enlisted doctors and nutritionists to make sure Mark's not killing himself. And they've broken up those calories into EIGHT meals per day, which means he eats about every three hours.

His day starts at around 3:00 A.M., and here's how his meals break down:

1. Four eggs, followed by a workout.

2. Eight eggs, six strips of bacon, a cup of rice, two tablespoons of olive oil, and a protein shake.

3. Some kind of ground beef or ground turkey, either in a burger patty or a meatloaf, plus another cup of rice.

4. Half a roasted chicken, another cup of rice, a cup of cooked spinach and a cup of cooked beets.

5. An eight-ounce veal chop or pork chop.

6. A four-ounce piece of salmon, a cup of rice, olive oil, and beets.

7. Eight ounces of some kind of steak, eight ounces of some kind of white fish, and tons of vegetables.

8. The Nightcap: A mash consisting of one cup of cooked steel-cut oatmeal, two tablespoons of applesauce, two tablespoons of jelly or jam, two tablespoons of almond butter, and a tablespoon of molasses. 

This one's a "mass gainer" so he puts on weight in his sleep.

He also has a cheat day over the weekend where he'll hit up his favorite restaurant and have, quote, "pastas or pizzas or cookies." 

(E! Online)

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