"The Office" Cast Finally Revealed the Father of Jan's Baby

 One of the biggest mysteries of "The Office" has been solved. Remember when Jan conceived a child with a sperm donor while she was dating Michael? Well, we never found out who the father was.

ANGELA KINSEY and JENNA FISCHER have a podcast called "Office Ladies", and they just revealed who the donor was. . .ANDY RODDICK(???)

In an early version of the script,Jan tells Michael and he says, "The tennis player?" And Jan says, "Well, it's a little more than that. He's the sixth-ranked player in the world, and he's won four Grand Slams . . . and he's a humanitarian . . . something with orphans."

Apparently, Jan expected Michael to be impressed, but he was upset.

The writers may have made Andy the dad because he was a fan of the show . . . and he was friends withRAINN WILSONand had been to the set.

It's unclear why the scene didn't end up making the cut. Angela and Jenna aren't even sure if Andy ever knew about it. 

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