We Finally Stop Worrying What Other People Think at What Age?

It's amazing most of us go half our life stressing about this stuff: Someone asked 2,000 people aged 55 and up when they finally stopped worrying about what other people think of them. And the average is 46 years old.

They also asked about work, relationships, and looks. Here's what people said . . .

1. We finally feel okay about our appearance in our mid-30's. For men, it's 34. For women, 36.

2. The average person feels settled in and okay about their relationship at 37.

3. We don't truly feel good about our career until we hit 40.

4. In general, we feel comfortable in our own skin at age 42.

5. We don't feel like we can really speak our mind until our early-to-mid 40's. For men, it's 40. For women, 45.

6. We finally start to relax about finances at age 50.

They also asked about life events that make your more confident. The top five are becoming a parent . . . getting married . . . retiring . . . traveling . . . and getting your driver's license. 


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