Four Ways to Talk to Someone You Have Nothing in Common With

Meeting new people and hanging with strangers isn't something most people have done for a while. In case you forgot, it can be awkward. So here are a few tips on how to talk to someone when it seems like you have nothing in common . . .

1. Assume they're interesting. Most people ARE interesting once they open up. So be curious and give them a chance.

2. Be a good listener. Most people love talking about themselves. So be ready to ask questions. Which is also a good tip on dates.

3. Be willing to share and get personal. If you're vulnerable with someone and open up, they'll open up too.

4. Come prepared. You can even use a cheat sheet if you need to. It's okay to have some preloaded questions that you can use over and over with different people.

The ones people ALWAYS use are, "What do you do for work?" and "How 'bout this weather, huh?" But here's one that's more interesting.

If they start talking about their job or their kids, just remember the line, "What keeps you busy OUTSIDE of your job" . . . or "outside of your kids." It's a good way to push the conversation in a different direction. 


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