Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 4/23 - 4/25

Friday night Andrew and I watched his niece. He was making her dinner and kept eating some of it himself so I tried to catch him eating the food. He has a raspberry in his mouth in this picture.

Andrew got her this book for her birthday and she really likes it!

This is random but I saw this license plate and had to take a pic. Do you think he really likes to eat sloppy joe's or is Sloppy Joe his nickname? Due to the license plate being from Wisconsin I am going to guess the latter.

Saturday night I got together with some of my co-workers turned good friends from Bubba Gumps! We did dinner at Pajarito in St Paul and then hopped over to Keenan's for a couple (or five) drinks.

Andrew lives close to the Smith Avenue Bridge in St Paul so if I go running when I'm at his place I challenge myself to run this bridge and back. It's a very long uphill climb but the run back down is always worth it. So I got a shorter but more challenging run in Sunday.

Hope you had a good weekend! Can't believe it's already May next weekend!

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